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– requests
Do you know how some people have in their rules the classic "don't send more than one request to me if I have already denied the first one" one? If so, I feel it's necessary to let it be known that I personally don't mind.

In fact, I even encourage that to be done to me! Just like those who resend a request, I have my own reason(s) as well. Mine tend to be that it had been a while after denying the request, and I now want to roleplay with them OR the limited number of roleplays that I can handle without getting overwhelmed had been filled when they shot me a request, but now after I finished one or more, I am able to write with them!

– OOC messages
Please don't feel pressured to send the first message! A lot of us all have things and people in our life that take up a good majority of time, like work, school, taking care of children (Maybe? Do anyone's parents do text based roleplay? I definitely know someone's parent plays DnD, but I dunno about tbh), or whatever!

Honesty is much appreciated! Please don't bite your tongue to hold back what you actually want to say, just to please me or literally anyone, it's a trait that's difficult to unlearn, I know, but unlearning it is beneficial (I can go on about how I struggled with this but this is literally my guideline blog, not "ramble about whatever i have to say" blog, do that in the status post's Ziege)

To show you're talking to me out of character, use some form of scratches! It could be //, /, ((, (, <<, [[, whatever works best for you

– roleplaying basics
One-liners are.. fine! I just don't like them because I don't find that they have enough details in them usually

I'm not to keen on asterisks, I don't have a full reason for disliking them, I guess I just like it when the other writer gives "book-like" replies

– characters
Overpowered characters are.. interesting, I like to read about them, and I'm willing to even play with them again.
I think the whole shabang of overpowered characters is interesting in a way because while they are overpowered, they're still going to have to take damage im assuming? Like say an immortal character, overpowered because they cant die, but can definitely take damage! That's interesting to me, I like that

Please don't control my character(s) in a way that doesn't make sense constantly, i do like a bit of surprises now and then, like somehow making a character do something, maybe through some kind of power or something else, but please, just make it sure it doesn't happen all that much
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