Name: Lucas Nightwoe
Age: 1,462
Species: Vampire
Race: White
Gender: Non-binary
Sex: Male
Pronouns: They/Him/Their/His
Sexual Orientation: Gay, Demiromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Birthday: Sunday, November 23, 0560
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Writing Hand: Right
Occupation: None
Home-country: United Kingdom
Accent: British
Language(s): English, Irish

Distinguishing Features
Eye Colors: Brown
Hair Color(s): Ashy blond
HairStyle: His hair it waist length and is often left down
Scars (and where?): He has a burn mark on his chest
Tattoos (and where?): None, unless it's a trap stamp
Birthmarks: One on his ass
Special Markings: None
Any Physical Problems? (Walking? Running? Holding Hands? Etc): He doesn't like holding hands with others because of how cold his skin is.
Skin Tone: Pale almost white
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145Ib
Overall Body Type: He's very fit and we built with nice curves.

Character Traits
Personality: Clever, Creative, Sympathetic, Agreeable, Playful, Clean, Empathetic, Charming, Elegant, Gentle, Careful, Energetic, Good-Natured, Focused, Interesting, Loyal, Generous, Lovable, Disobedient, Lustful, Immature, Absent-Minded, Blunt, Hostile, Timid
Habits: Hair playing or twirling when flirting, Scratching the head
Hobbies: Gardening, Knitting

Likes: grass, museums, pet adoption, scarecrows, papier-mâché, blood, bats, fear in people's eyes, screaming, spiders, napping
Colour: Signal green, Chrome green, Light grey, Claret violet, blood red, crimson
Food: Blood, Pumpkin Pie, Cantalope, Chicken Tenders
Flavour: None
Drink: Water
Occasion: None
Holiday: Halloween
Day of the week: Saturday
Season: Fall
Place: His mansion
Music: Classical
Movie: Old timey movies
TV Show: None
Game/Videogame: None
Sound: The sound of people crying
Smell: Blood
Favourite Animal(s) (Sea, Land, Insect, etc): Bats, spiders

Dislikes: cooking, lamps, american football, lock-picking, rain
Colour: Dark brown
Food: Garlic
Flavour: None
Drink: None
Occasion: None
Holiday: Christmas
Day of the week: None
Season: Winter
Place: Anywhere near fire
Music: Loud music
Movie: Romance
TV Show: Crime
Game/Videogame: None
Sound: The laugher of children
Smell: Piss
Least favourite Animal(s): Dogs

Who is their
Father: Dean Rover
Status: Deceased
Age: 4,639

Mother: Meghan Nightwoe
Status: Deceased
Age: 3,946

Siblings: None that he knows kf
Any Halves or Steps?: No
Relatives: All have died
(Future) Children: Maybe
Best Friends: ...
Friends: ...
Pet(s): Pet bat named Frankie
Current Lover(s): None
Love Interest(s): ...
Guilty Crush(es): ...
Dating History?: He has dated lots of people just to end up killing them later

Usual everyday-wear: Usually wears a black crop top with a fishnet top under it, with a black skirt and black heels
(Any) Jewellery: He likes to wear very expensive jewelry like diamond rings and necklaces
Usual Fancy-wear: A long black and red lace dress
Usual Party-wear: Doesn't party
Usual Date-wear: A short red dress with black heels.
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