~ Rules ~

- Don't be a creep. This isn't a dating website at all and im happily taken.
- Im not into AU's. OC only type of stuff please!
- No one liners. It may be your thing but not mine.
- Please try proper grammar and not abbreviations when roleplaying. This also includes proper punctuation. (I dont expect perfect, but try your best instead of being lazy.)
- I don't typically start roleplays unless its my world. I'd like it better to see how you roleplay and then do what I can to match!
- If I forget any of your rules please don't instantly block, tell me. Theres alot of people on here and I don't always remember.
- Please don't be too fast with the plot or talk to much! I want to keep things just nice and steady!
- If I unfriend you.. leave me alone. Don't come back begging for second chances or sending threats on alt accounts.
- I have multiple oc's so make sure to take your time picking which one you'd like!
- I do FxM, MxM, MxF, ect! However MxM plots aren't allowed ERP since im uncomfortable with that.
- No Furry roleplayers please. Nothing wrong with you guys just uninterested!
- Don't come in instantly with roleplays please!
- Please stay aware I am here to roleplay and not talk! If we become friends I might!
- No other apps like discord or twitter. I prefer to roleplay only here.
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3 | Nov 12th 2022 04:09