♧ Virion ♧

Name: Virion Ravalynn
Aliases: Viri
Species: Elf
Gender/Pronouns: Male | he/him or they/them
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Homosexual
Top/Bottom: Mostly bottom
Age: 154
Birthdate: Day of first frost
Occupation: Healer and medial person to the King's court (Changes with rp)

Height: 5'3"
Skin Tone: Extremely pale
Build: slight hourglass
Hair: He can change it
Eyes: His irises look like speckles of color being: Green, blue, yellow and pink

Personality: Serious, hard to read, doesn't talk much, protective of his personal items
Best Quality: Willing to do anything to save someone
Worst Quality: Cold
Fears: Being unable to save someone
Hobbies: Foraging for medical herbs, studying, practicing his magic

Family: Parents (He doesn't speak to them)
Best Friends: Eroan and Kiirian (Also elves he works with)
Relationship Status: Single
How many past partners: 1
Best relationship quality: Careful of his partners health
Worst relationship quality: Struggles with showing how he really feels

Secret: He is practicing defensive magics in secret
Influential Memory: The first time he awakened his magic and was able to control it instead of having outbursts
Role Model: Doesn't have one
Crush: (Depends)
Source of Embarrassment: When he forgets something he should know
Source of Pride: The amount of people he has cured and saved.

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