┈─ basics. [ ] ❜៹
꒰ name ꒱
▸ Aimée Degarmo
꒰ age ꒱
▸ 24
꒰ gender ꒱
▸ Female
꒰ sexuality ꒱
▸ Pansexual
꒰ pronouns ꒱
▸ She/Her
꒰ birthday ꒱
▸ March 1st
꒰ species ꒱
▸ Human
꒰ ethnicity ꒱
▸ French
꒰ languages ꒱
▸ French, some English
꒰ occupation ꒱
▸ Fitness Instructor

┈─ appearance. [ ] ❜៹
꒰ height ꒱
▸ 5'7"
꒰ weight ꒱
▸ 148 lbs
꒰ skin color ꒱
▸ Porcelain
꒰ eye color ꒱
▸ Light Blue
꒰ hair color ꒱
▸ White
꒰ birthmarks ꒱
▸ A small birthmark on the back of her neck
꒰ cup size ꒱
▸ C
꒰ scars ꒱
▸ N/A
꒰ piercings ꒱
꒰ accessories ꒱
▸ A silver chain-linked bracelet worn on her right wrist that belonged to her mother.
꒰ hairstyle ꒱
▸ Worn down
꒰ physical condition(s) ꒱
▸ N/A

┈─ personality. [ ] ❜៹
꒰ overview ꒱
▸ At first glance, Aimée is a polite, well-mannered young woman. She's sociable and gets along with others nicely not to mention the sometimes questionable comments that she sometimes let's slip out, she is well liked amongst her peers. However, she can become rather possessive, at times wanting those around her to act in a way she believes that they should. She does get rather upset when things don't go accordingly her way.
꒰ positive traits ꒱
▸ Clever
▸ Organized
▸ Empathetic
꒰ negative traits ꒱
▸ Possessive
▸ Maniplutive
▸ Jumps to conclusions
꒰ likes ꒱
▸ Jewelry
▸ Fairytales with happy endings
▸ Ballet
꒰ dislikes ꒱
▸ Angsty stories
▸ Liars
▸ Frogs
꒰ hobbies ꒱
▸ Working out
꒰ habits ꒱
▸ Picking at her nails
▸ Pops her knuckles often without noticing
꒰ phobias ꒱
▸ N/A
꒰ mental disorder(s) ꒱
▸ Obsessive love disorder
▸ Borderline Personality Disorder
┈─ backstory. [ ] ❜៹
꒰ overview ꒱
▸ Aimée was born as a product of trying to save a failing marriage between her mother and father. Her father constantly would leave Aimée and her mother behind for days to spend with a mistress he had no interest in hiding, and her mother dearly loved Aimée's father and wanted to salvage what she possibly could. After she had been born, for some time, things seemed to heal between the two before her father would eventually return to his old ways, and run off with his mistress for days at a time. However, as time would continue on, things seemed to only grow worse between the two, with her father now becoming physical with her mother without care if a now 6-year-old Aimée had been observing or not. While her mother still took care of her, she had become rather distant from Aimée, beginning to have some regret for birthing her, convincing herself that the only result that came from her birth was the further driving away of her husband.

At the age of 10, with the news of her father's mistress now pregnant, her mother would take her life, not being able to deal with coming to the realization that she had truly lost the love of her life. The news was something that broke Aimée. Despite how her mother felt about her, Aimée truly loved her seeing as she was the only parent that had actually taken care of her up until that point. Now living with her father and his mistress, the young girl was forced to watch as what felt like an outsider in the happy family they had begun to build up. She wasn't included in things like their family outings, holidays, and more. As time went on Aimée grew to hate her father, he had taken the most important person in her life away from her because of his own selfish desires and then moved on as if nothing happened once she had passed away while she had been stuck to grieve by herself over the years.

As time went on, Aimée dreamt of starting over and having the fairytale love story that her mother once dreamed of. She felt that if she in some way had been able to achieve this, then she believed that the will of her mother would have been completed and the woman would be able to rest easy. Over the years, she would begin to imagine how her ideal lover would look, talk, act and even think. She was determined to find this person that she had completely fantasized about in her headspace, even coming to the conclusion of forcefully guiding them along the right path if needed.

┈─ relationships. [ ] ❜៹
꒰ mother ꒱
▸ Deceased -- Before her passing, her mother was the most important person in her life.
꒰ father ꒱
▸ Despised -- No longer speaks to him after moving out, she acts as if he had died along with her mother.
꒰ siblings ꒱
▸ Claudette - Half sibling, acts as if they don't exist.
▸ Séverin - Half sibling, acts as if they don't exist.
▸ Anastasie - Half sibling, acts as if they don't exist.

┈─ extras. [ ] ❜៹
▸ When she was younger, she practiced ballet up until the year her mother passed as it reminded her too much of her to continue.
▸ Her job choice wasn't her first choice, she applied for many different jobs in which she thought she'd meet many different people in an attempt to get closer to her life goal.
▸ Throughout highschool, she had very many crushes and wanted to eventually settle down with who she believed would be her highschool sweetheart. In the end, she would lose interest seeing as she believed they didn't fit the standards she had set for her partners in one way or another.
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