Alright time for a long one.

Hel Rivua
A young female who has grown up during a time of war and suffering. At a young age she had to learn how to kill in order to survive the harsh environment she was thrown into. This impacted her greatly as she now speaks in mostly formal ways that come off as cold and rude to others. She seems to feel no remorse or regret from taking a life and often is seen working as a mercenary or hitman for the right price. Despite the advanced technological weapons war has provided to the world she prefers to fight with a spear finding it easier and more powerful for her situations.
Standing at 5'2 she weighs 95 lbs without armor, with armor her weight increases to 110 lbs. Her heavily tanned skin is easy to spot with scars littering her body with almost no end to them. Her hair is waist length and pitch black which she often has tied back into a braid.

This character will bend to fit most themes of roleplay so if your interested message me.
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