About Kennedy Walsh

*He's in his 20's era, don't mind him*
Name: Kennedy Walsh
Age: Over 100 (looks to be roughly in his 30s)
Species: vampire
Pronouns: he/him
Sexuality: unlabeled

Born in 1795, in Ballyshannon, Ireland to two young potato farmers, deciding to name their son Kennedy. Although despite being very poor, they did their best to raise the boy as best as they could, with what they had.

As he grew up, he helped his father with farming, promising one day that he will get his parents out of their poor life, giving them a great one. But, as time grew on, Kennedy's father grew ill, catching pneumonia from farming during a harsh winter.He never recovered and his illness eventually killed him, making Kennedy's mother a widow.

By the time Kennedy was 13, his mother had remarried, his stepfather being much wealthier. They all moved to Belfast where Kennedy was sent to a boarding school to get a proper education that he never received.

By he was 15, his mother had given birth to his half sister, Margaret, but his mother died soon after giving birth. The news devastated him but as his mother wishes, his step father continued to raise Kennedy.

After he graduated, he went on and began to work for his stepfather which he became very successful. He bought himself a house in the countryside but soon, he met a very beautiful woman by the name of Josephine. She had captured his heart and soon, they were wed.

He cherished Josephine as any man would. He gave her lavish gifts and treated her like a queen. She, in return, gave him a gift, the news of him being a father. He was overjoyed by the news and by 1820, Josephine had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, who they named Elsie.

He loved his daughter, gave her lots of care. He was always there for her, making sure he would help raise Elsie as best as he could.

One summer day in 1825, Kennedy took Josephine and Elsie to the countryside for a picnic and they had the grandest time. But, soon after that picnic trip, Elsie fell ill. Kennedy and Josephine became very worried and called for a doctor, finding out their only daughter had caught malaria. Josephine was devastated and they both stood by their daughter's side as she died. Josephine never recovered from her grief and soon died of a broken heart. Kennedy was now alone, and absolutely devastated. He closed himself off from the world, locked away in his home. This was until he met a young woman, who offered him a proposition. Although, she was only using his grief to torment him. After refusing, she turned him into an immortal monster, cursed with drinking the blood of humans.

At first horrified by his new life, he became a a recluse, staying away from the outside world but over time, he learned to cope.

Decades went by and he saw the world change around him. In 1845, as the great potato famine hit Ireland, he seized the opportunity and fled to America, starting a new life.

He had seen many changes, witnesses many conflicts, some of those conflicts he took part in. He became a soldier, fighting in the Civil War and eventually drafted for the World War.

After seeing so much conflict, he settled down. After Prohibition passed, he seized an opportunity on the misfortune of humans and stepped into a organized crime life, opening an underground speak easy in New York, naming it The Blood Tavern. He was soon a well respected man, earning a reputation around the underground criminal world.
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