' shot through the heart '

       [ RULES ]


ii . If you are speaking to me ooc, please use ‘()’ or ‘//‘. I do not mind if you slide into my dms with a starter already planned, but please make sure that I understand where you’re taking the plot.

ii . If you wish to do a romantic pairing, PLEASE make sure the characters are close in age. ( Example : 17 & 18 or 16 & 17 ).

iii . If I block you and unadd you, know that it was for a reason and do not try to seek me out to get an explanation. I don’t block many people, but there are some instances where it’s necessary.

iv . Be wary of my limits and be sure to tell me yours before we do ‘anything’.

       [ ADMIN INFO ]


The puller of strings is here. Hello everyone, I’m Maeve/Eve. I go by any pronouns ( no order of preference, just call me whatever you like ). I really like reading books, going to thrift shops, the sound of rain, and music.

. fav artists!
✦ Mitski!
✦ Hozier!
✦ Cigarettes After Sex!
✦ Bôa!
✦ Deftones!

I hope to become an author or an actress someday. I’m a huge film fanatic. Astrologically, I am a Sagittarius sun, Aries moon, and a Pisces rising. I’m from the East Coast ( down south ). It’s very nice to meet you all!

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