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1 | Sep 22nd 2022 08:29
Coconut "He is scarier than Zeus. He could even throw a planet or a star at you.
It is small because I made it so. It can become larger, a platform. You stand on it and tell it where you want to go.
Shi, it is possible of course...I am afraid he could take it as an excuse. He doesn't even like my child. Would you like to help me? How do I get to bring Shige to use that sword close to Hudie in a safe environment...
He is really the WonPil I know." XD
"He should not. He knows he hasn't to, he is not a fool. I don't think WooPil could guess, even if Jamie made a mistake.
Don't force things, of course. If they become close by themselves and WooPil shows happiness about it, it'll mean I'm right. As long as Jamie stops wandering around Hudie, really..." TiHao reported to him too. XD
"You both can always count on me, don't forget that."
Chan «Hm. It would end up killing a few more people than me, that way, though. Is he really so unreasonable?» All the new characters will never get to meet the legendary character </3
«And it can take you literally anywhere in the universe? Even on Mars?»
He ponders. «Hudie will want to join the fights when they will start, right? We could try to set a training all together. And get Shige to test his skills, that way they would have to cross swords for sure.»
He nods and sighs. «Fine then. I don't even imagine how he would react if he found out about his past life…» BangSul, and therefore Muhan, know too that WooPil can't know, so he won't get memories about him.
«The more friends WooPil can have around, especially when I will have to leave, the better. At least he won't feel alone and lost…» He worries to death, especially now that he knows where all WooPil's panic of being separated comes from.
«Jamie is after Hudie? I thought they are relatives…» He really should watch out worrying about those things >>
«I know… and we are grateful for it…»
Coconut "Just because he could, it doesn't mean he would. He was a man of great power that understood perfectly his responsability."
He snorts. "You could visit the whole system of Nortrig but you would go to see Mars? If you like, I can take you there but it could be disappointing.
I'm sure of it without the slightest doubt. He is already training with TiHao and I hope he will work on magic too.
Mh...bring even Shige during one or your trainings? Yes, why not...
Gods didn't give him this chance so that he could remember all the horrible things.
Agreed. He should definitely gather as many friends with him as possible. Gino, Jamie, Liu...anyone. Even sleep in his same bed to help him rest.
...but Jamie is a Qiu and they had this nasty habit! My baby boy...it is possible he can only get disappointments?"
Chan «It was you to threaten with him.» He snorts.
«If I could name even just one thing from the Nortrig system, maybe I would do that.» It's already a big thing he knows the name of the planet where the are.
«He trains too, after all. You could come as well and be ready to explain why the sword started to behave strangely, if it does.» He shrugs.
«Qiu are incestuous? In any case… I mean, if they are both males and they won't try to have children… it's not like the grew up together, right?» There he goes.
«Anyhow, XieXie for the information… let's return now. I don't want to leave WooPil to suffer one more moment. I'm returning to stay in our place this instant and if TiHao wants to come to sleep on the floor of the kitchen, he can do what he wants.»
Coconut "I was joking, don't worry. I'm the first he wants to punish anyway.
Take the name of a God and add -mir, you'll have the planets. They can only be seen from outside especially if you don't want to die in a very painful way.
Indeed. We'll bring it up...next time I see him. He could be interested in magic and be willing to learn from TiHao.
The generation before TiHao was..." He shuts his eyes. "Would you date Chen and find it alright? No, if Chen and Shige started to date, you would be fine with it?
Fine. Go back to WooPil, I'll apologise to him for taking away your time." He touches Chan, teleporting back to the room. "Go home, have a nice evening."