When he returns home after meeting YoonPil at the cells, he warns WooPil about this new brother. He still has a lot of messes in his mind, after what Qi revealed to him, so he was a bit distracted even while interacting with the new Pil and forgot many things that he said. In other words, he doesn't manage to tell WooPil much about him, except that he is the twin of JoonPil and that he faked to commit that crime in order to be able to escape from Zae.
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Straggler "You'll understand why this is my first rule. It is a constant battle in there, if you fall behind to help another, you both die.
That would be better. Sure, if we could fly, it would be different. A good plane like in North Korea." He wishes.
"About time, Lianxi." He snorts. "I wonder why they waited for them to tell them. They are the strongest here, a whole south under them would be way better.
Did you find your destined weapon among those?" He also gives a quick glance towards Muhan, noticing WooPil looking at it.
"Very well so far. I was fine with the floor but I was promised even a futon.
I'll share bedding with Gino if necessary.
Do you host tramps here?"
Woopino «But…» He gasps. If he was hesitant before, now he really hopes that Chan will change his mind about the research team.
«Maybe the dragon could let us fly on his back and move safely throughout the world to explore…» They'd just need some more flying mounts.
«I think it's because His Lord doesn't like wars and risk lives. But the northern seem to have convinced him about this…»
He slightly nods and points at his weird, big sword. «That one. It chose me, for some reasons.»

Chan. «It is not said that Gino would share his bedding with you…» He has a feeling he would, for dirty purposes.
«We don't, but it can be said that more or less every new person who reaches Lianxi will he sent here. We are the initiation ritual.»
Straggler "It would solve a lot of issues if you could fly on a dragon, but where are they? Don't you have only one?
It is only about who is wasting their lives. If Lianxi doesn't go for it, another, worse feud could, eventually. I don't want a massive Zae to raise, the old man had plans for it."
He moves his gaze on the weapon, impressed. "I could use one too...what a beauty.
Depends, we'll see what he says." Unluckily Gino is still begging old women in the kitchen, his evening job. He didn't realize he is late for dinner!!
He snorts and smirks at his words. "Gino is still in his initiation ritual? Who else you mentioned...your dragon."
Woopino «Ye, that is the problem… if there only were other animals that could fly with people on top… it would really solve the issue in so many ways…» As if they wouldn't still have to land and explore on ground when they find something.
«I don't want that either!» Big Zae sounds like big shit. «It is much better if Lianxi takes over the rest, ye… at least everything works in a fair way here. And no people starve.»
He doesn't see anything beauty about his weapon. «There might be some of those weapons around the battlefield, if they didn't manage to carry them all here.» He gives the same advise to everyone.
He probably wouldn't survive dinner after begging the old women.

Chan. «Gino is our dog by now really. He won't turn into man anymore.» He snickers.
«My dragon lives here too and he turns into a guy. He is a little horny too.» Needs to warn, even if YoonPil doesn't seem a female dragon.
Straggler "You could look into the black market. They could sell dragon eggs. Who would stop Lianxi with a few of those." He doesn't even know he became a mom too!!
"See, you think the same. Stop thinking about the deads, you cannot avoid it, you can just make things less bad." He is brutal even if it doesn't look like it.
"Would you bring me there?" He doesn't know what to expect, but he finds it exciting. He could probably take XinLan's axe.
"I hope your dog won't mind me." There aren't that many dogs around, but if there were, they would bark at him.
"If he is horny, let him fuck." He lets out a chuckle. "Or there is another method." He makes scissors with fingers, joking.