Hanna Grace

Full Name: Hanna Madeline Grace

Age: 16

Height: 5'4

Weight: 150lbs

Roleplay Scenario:

Hanna was a normal girl living a normal life on Earth when after getting into an argument with her mother, she ran away. She ran so far that she couldn't identify where she was anymore. Suddenly, something happened. A large portal appeared nearby, startling her, and causing her to trip and fall into the world.

After getting acquainted with her city and new world, she decided to stay. She had nothing holding her back or any reason to return to her previous world.

After a few months, she had quickly made her way up the ranks, becoming third in command in the massive empire she had made her way into. After finding out the Emperor was evil, the original second-in-command (my partner's character) decided to flee from the Emperor and relinquish his title as crowned prince of the world.

After being promoted, Hanna... going buy "Valkyrie" was tasked with the mission to find him, and return him home.

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