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# NAME !ુ

born as eloise may wheeler.
known as sebastian felix wheeler.
sebastian felix wheeler .. si-bas-chun fee-liks wheel-er.

bash .. probably his favorite nickname but has a twisted meaning behind it.
seb .. typically given to him by his female peers but anyone can use it.
bubbas .. he is mostly called this by holly and rarely lets someone else say it.


currently sixteen years old.
born october thirty-first of nineteen seventy.
hometown is hawkins indiana.


transgender male. he/him/his pronouns.
poly. bisexual with a strong male lean.


no past relationships.
currently single as a pringle but likes someone.


portrayed by timothée chalamet.
child version portrayed by raffey cassidy.

naturally brown hair.
green eyes. wears contacts.

five foot, four inches. one hundred ten pounds.

he likes sweaters, button-up shirts, oversized t-shirts, and baggy jeans.
usually wears neutral colors, tries to avoid bright clothing.
he likes to wear skirts sometimes when he's feeling euphoric but it's rare.
definitely needs help with dressing himself.

constantly wears a lot of jewelry, especially necklaces and rings.

two scars across his chest from surgery.
scars from self harm covering his thighs and stomach.


as a child. he struggled heavily with his self identity and who he was. it took so
many years for him to learn about who he was and how he was suppose to
tell his family who he was. by the age of five, he first expressed that he was
transgender to his mom and she was very supporting due to him always
showing signs. he never told his dad until he was seven and he wanted to start
transitioning. he was immediately talked down to and that caused him to hide
away who he was until his pre-teen years, this caused a very quiet child.

as a pre-teen. the first few years into puberty were rough on him, he was in a
state of dysphoria due to his menstrual cycle. his mom was the one who saw
how he was feeling and took him to get his hair cut and a new set of clothes.
this caused him to become a momma's boy as he felt loved by his mom. he
was able to start the transition after mom had yelled at his dad and finally got
him on their side to see him for who he was.

as a teenager. despite having his menstrual cycle, no one remembers the old
him. he was full transitioned by the age of fifteen. he was thankful enough to
have had his top surgery when he was fourteen after his mom's battles to get it
for him and after his medical team approved the surgery to help him.

diagnosed with depression, anxiety, separation anxiety, and eating disorder.


likes. mac and cheese, diet coke, cooking, movie & game nights, thrift shops.
dislikes. owls, heights, spiders, clowns, extremely hot or cold weather.

allergic. honey, lemons, peanuts, pineapples, cats.

phobias. acrophobia, coulrophobia, entomophobia, nyctophobia.
fear of heights, fear of clowns, fear of bugs, fear of the dark.

soft spots. cuddles with his hair being played with, hugs from behind.
habits. doing cocaine, smoking cigs and weed, heavily drinking.


father. ted wheeler. alive.

mother. karen wheeler. alive.

oldest sister. nancy wheeler. alive. ( @wheelsonthebus )

older sister. aubrey wheeler. alive. ( @heartaches )

younger brother. michael wheeler. alive. ( @FrogFace )

youngest sister. holly wheeler. alive.


xander munson. ( @wires )
lucky hargrove. ( @UNLUCKY )
tyler henderson. ( @starstruck )
billy loomis. ( @unstable )
stu macher. ( @unbalanced )
ainsley munson. ( @careless )
eleven hopper. ( @heartfelt )
more tba.


his dream car is nineteen seventy ford mustang.

got a job at family video when he turned sixteen.

people rarely remember his pre-transition self because he was very anti-social.


layout ( @godless ).

trigger warnings. dysphoria, s*lf h*rm,
depression, anxiety, separation anxiety,
eating disorder, drug use, alcoholism.
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