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Alex Bartleby was one of the trusting members of the Highbloods; this coven was more well mannered and proper compared to the others. Their coven had been established far before Dracula was even a newborn. The founders were the rebels and outcasts of vampire creatures. They were once men who were foolishly tricked into leaving behind their souls for temporary solutions as well as those who were cruelly mistaken.

Alex was one of the mistaken ones. He was once a young man; a soldier who was fighting in England at the battle front in the 1600's when he was attacked by a hunter, a vampire who belonged in no coven and was more animal than anything. That was when the High Bloods found him and took him in as their own. They taught him to be a proper gentleman as well as to appear human, throwing off the idea of vampires existing among the mortals. Now they only appear to be a cult of some kind filled with strange people obsessed with the Gothic Victorian genre.

Within the ball which Alex was attending to, he looked as normal as the next vampire. He wore his favorite black suit with a maroon satin vest covering a white puffy shirt with the layered color tucked into it. His long black hair was neatly combed back into a ponytail that was held by a black silk ribbon.

He was the only one who was sent the invitation in his coven and was advised to seek it out. The High Bloods assumed that Alex seemed harmless to the other covens due to his profession of being a tutor to the NewBorns. It was the only way he could pay back the High Bloods for teaching and raising him all those centuries ago.He was advised to report any news that may tip the scales of all covens and humanity, and try to address any form of a peace treaty with them all.
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