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Alexander is a simple tutor who took the position from the High Bloods in order to pay back their hospitality for taking him in when he was younger. He trained New Bloods to control their powers and appear human-like so they can attend the world as normal beings instead of hiding in shadows.

The students were busy taking notes he had written on the chalkboard when the Victorian styled phone rang loudly on his desk. He turned his back to the students and answered, "Hello, Alexander Bartleby’s residence." He spoke softly into the phone. A raspy voice was heard on the other side, "Pardon the call Mr. Bartleby, but we are needing your assistance tonight. We have come to learn about a certain disturbance between the territories that lie in your woods. We hope you can maintain the quarrel before it escalates into worse matters?" The raspy voice asked with deep concern in his voice.

"I would gladly apply." Alex replied.

A click was heard on the phone, indicating the call had ended. He placed the phone back on its perch before turning back towards the students who were all eyeing him in confusion. "My dear students, the lesson tonight will continue tomorrow, please return to your rooms." He dismissed them, flicking his wrist towards the door beside him. They all collected their papers and followed his orders without questions. After they left, Alex stepped towards the maroon colored drapes that hung over the tall window, blocking out the sun that will be appearing shortly.

He peeked behind one to witness the forest that bordered his small mansion which appeared more like a Victorian styled motel. He began to feel a pulling feeling in his stomach, as if something terrible was destined to happen. He shook his head and sighed before descending into his bedroom. He dressed in his black and red suit, to indicate he is about business and not war. He tied his long black hair into a black ribbon to look more professional before sliding his arms into a trench coat which will help cover his pale skin from the sun in case it rises before him. As he left his home his figure disbursed into a herd of bats which flew into the sky where they began to smell the scent of spilled blood.
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