( ◜‿◝ )੭. * RULES —

♡ first of all, i do have other accounts. it's easier for me to manage my ocs that way. my other accounts are @FEVER and @INSOMNIA. i may have you added on one or the other.
♡ i am not a friend collector. if you add me and don't interact within three days, you're being unadded.
♡ no one-liners, please. semi is fine but it's just hard for me to stay interested with one or two lines.^^
♡ do not be weird to me oorp. by this i mean flirting or whatever. id love to be friends but there's boundaries.
♡ no furries.
♡ do not interact if you or your muse is a minor.
♡ don't rush me to reply within a day. if it's been more than a few days, i will understand. often times i'll check in briefly by logging in without replying to anyone, so please don't think i'm ignoring you.
♡ don't be a d*ck and don't start drama.
♡ i will not respond if you attempt to kill my character, control my character, include rape, or pedophilia in our roleplay.
♡ i will not change my character's job for a certain plot.
♡ third person only.
♡ if you have read my rules all the way through, message me your favorite scary movie.
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1 | Aug 5th 2022 16:44