«Since I have been treated in such a distinct and peculiar way, during my staying in Lianxi, I have seen to organising a tour worth of our special guests.
While WooPil, Gino and Hudie will follow me to a boring tour, the others will have the great opportunity to discover the most thrilling sides of life in Xingxi. It will surely be educational.» He doesn't specify where Qi should go, since there was no interaction between them and he doesn't know if he likes him or not.
Since the King won't be able to meet anyone before the late afternoon and Zuo is still resting, he took the chance to enjoy some revenge.

Also, he is not the descendant of Lani and WuXin.

«You can come with me when you are ready.»
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Princeling °I doubt so since you are so annoyed without a game. ° he sees so difference in auriold and Zishian...
°It is the same, it is not important the team. In a battle you need to make a good strategy and so we will win.
I am eager to start and male them learn what it is having fun.°
Chan «I don't think they are lovers, even though… with Hudie it's not really easy to tell, when there is someone he appreciates.» He takes a deep breath. «If you are daughter of two auriold, what makes you half breed? They think that maids belong to a different species?»
He looks up. «The only thing that annoys me is that I want to know what WooPil is doing right now and i can't.»
He spreads his arms. «I am ready to learn fun.» He is from Seoul, the land of fun.
Capt "You decide your strategy, I don't expect a lot of points with a bunch of new comers. Ball." She motions the servants to throw it and she grabs it.
"I doubt he has ever appreciated anyone but himself.
Different blood ranks. They suspected she wasn't fully auriold though.
Team, remember well who is by our side since we don't have specific uniforms." She looks at her teamates.

"Don't have expectations, please." Shige is still sleepy but takes his position.

Liu is a bit unsure but wants to try.
Princeling °Who is WooPil? He didn't come with you?
That is good, you should be really concentrated to learn the game fast.
I don't expect much from them too, but I have faith in myself.° he looks at the ones in his team, °You should work hard as a team and gain victory.°
Chan «WooPil is my boyfriend. The 19th Prince decided to bring him and our dog to have a private tour that probably didn't involve laundry and servants tasks.
We will probably make a mess, so don't have high expectations. Let's just get some bruises and see how it goes.»