vast dark powers v
able to go from his realm to the earth's realm and take entities from his realm to earth as well. and etc. ( hard to explain vast dark powers?? ) so this is a whole lot of things.

teleportation v
able to teleport around freely, as well as teleport you very very far if wished.

apportation v
able to teleport any object to his possession if needed.

possession v
able to possess a person, or many people at once. can also possess animals.

reality-warping v
able to change reality to you. this also includes making a house 'one'. lets say, you have you and your friends house. you walk through your bathroom door, but end up in your friends living room? like the houses are connected. he can do that.

regeneration v
he can regenerate wounds. anything that isn't a intense destruction to the spine, heart and head he can heal from. if the spine, heart, or head is immensely damaged, he will leave the body to let it die. ( or heal if he has been in it long enough like he has been in evan. though sometimes he f***s out the body too when he's in a lot of pain because he doesn't like to feel human pain! ) anything else will heal perfectly, even severed limbs.

supernatural strength v
even inside a human shell, he is able show superb strength. so be careful.

telepathic perception v
able to sense what you think. it's not exactly telepathy, but he can indeed sense what you will do, and maybe say.

technokinesis v
able to manipulate machines from afar.

combat prowess v
skilled in fighting, this also includes evan considering he's the one who knows the most combat techniques.

electrokinesis v
can control electricity. he cannot form it but he can control it.

deceit v
a good liar, manipulator.

supernatural endurance v
can't be taken out of a shell by any ritual, can't be locked away, only way to get him out a shell is by making some deal (maybe begging, kissing his feet) or to fatally damage the shell, which would just be killing the poor human he's using. he also cannot die by anything but one thing, and even then he won't stay in a body long enough to have that happen. and well, that one thing is in his possession.

immortality v
can't die.

torture methodology v
knows how to torture people, and make them cry even if they are tough.

time travel v
able to time travel. simple really.

supernatural speed v
fast. able to run faster than a normal human could. though he won't be as fast as a olypmpian runner, he will be faster than a standard humans fast running speed. even one that exercises and goes to the gym. he'll catch up. and if he doesn't, he wants you to get away. also keep in mind he can teleport.

murdering skills v
knows how to kill people well.

will add more if i remember.
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