Species: Oni.
- They aren't mutated auriold or zimox, they are a species of their own.
Gods involved: Xie and Phoei.
* Gu — son of the two, formerly a minor god, officially the first Oni. (After he lost godhood. He was born with two elements, the same as his parents, thus his existence as God would compromise the balance. He was deprived of godhood and sent in Nortrig. It happened in recent times, Oni race is rather new.)

Feeding: Mixed. They need both fear and normal food, until and unless their level of cultivation becomes high enough. At that point, they become able to only feed on fear.

• They feed on fear;
• Their aura tends to cause other creatures to feel naturally uneasy;
• They can perceive others' emotions clearly;
• They can't feel fear, but all their other emotions are amplified;
* In some cases, every feeling that other species associate with fear (anxiety, worry etc) are felt as anger.
• They can only reproduce with other Oni and Knights with BOTH Evil and Fear elements (regardless the order);
• They are heavily empowered by fear, the more they consume, the stronger, faster and agile they get;
* It's not permanent, it's like a buff that last for a while. Their skill decrease as fear is consumed by their bodies.
• They are sexually aroused by fear;
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