The country he belongs according to blood but the one he knows less actually. He likes warm weather, sun, sea, travel, adventure and Heinhoss doesn't match much but he is stuck there. He needs an occupation, if not for else, he has to renew his look.
He starts to wander Heinhoss' streets, not necessarily Thylum. His look is average and completely black but his pink hair could stand out still. He has never had such a sad birthday.
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Pepo «Every day. He even asks me to send selfies so that he can confirm that I'm all right for real.» Sure, that's the reason.
«He says that he is all right, bored.» But now it's an endless texting that he triggered.
«She would love it for sure. Then she'd probably bring all the spirits with her from the cursed ship. She is probably creating an army…»
He blinks. «I didn't meet him in years, if he had behaved that way with me when I was 10…» Richard would have been a nicer husband than his own.
Btch "Send selfies?" If there is one thing he shouldn't learn about, it is pictures. He would be on phone all day admiring himself and taking photo shots.
"Nothing to do? Strange. He managed to get back to the Empire? We kinda abandoned them alone on that ship...
An army to take over the world? What is your sister planning, HaoLin...tell her to reason, I don't want the world to become so ghostly.
It is normal, if he got excited in front of a 10 years old, he should have gotten caged."
Pepo «Shi, with these devices you can take pictures of yourself and send them to your friends or family, whoever has the same device that you know.» He shows him the phone.
«He is in the Empire, shi…» He looks down, still having mixed feelings about him being the Emperor.
«I don't want it either… I never knew my siblings are so ambitious. They never seemed to be, when we were younger…»
He doesn't manage to answer anything to the last part.
Btch He raises both brows. "Where can I buy this device?" He admires the phone.
"He and the girl were resourceful. If she is still alive, I honestly don't know. The situation was suspicious.
You never know what could influence others. Maybe they got the right motivation..."
Pepo «Lord Huang ShinLin makes them. You can try to get in touch with him and buy one from him. That's how we did…»
He looks down. «Don't think about it… Elton… is crafty…»