. ~ the person behind the screen ~ .

I'm Wilbur, or Ghost. I use He/They pronouns, and I'm a demi-boy! Haven't transitioned at all though, so I'm still stupid feminine. #inthecloset. I thoroughly enjoy cats, fruits, and cooking!

- God I'm so irritatingly boring- -

I've got anxiety, a wonderful dose of depression, some spectacular ADHD, a nice dash of PTSD, and seeeeerious attachment issues. I am so clingy that it hurts sometimes, especially when I can't let people go.

I hyperfixate. A L O T. My brain pretty much never turns off too. So, if you give me the chance to ramble about anything that's on my mind? You'll be stuck for a hot minute, love.

I use tone tags a lot- I often come off as like, annoyed when I text, so if you get a random tone tag and are unsure of it's meaning, just ask what it means. I promise I don't mind to explain.

Cursing is common here. I will curse until night turns day and day turns night.

I'm also slooooowly gaining some sort of complex. Revivebur is influencing my mind/j
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