Who I will play

This is all listed by preference, Top of the list I am more willing to play than bottom of the list

[ Stranger Things {All Seasons} ]
Eddie Munson
Steve Harrington
Mike Wheeler
Max Mayfield
Billy Hargrove
Robin Buckley

[ Homestuck ]
Dirk Strider
Dave Strider
Mituna Captor
Jake English
June / John Egbert
{and many others, way too many to list}

[ BFTD {including this is not romance} ]
Farz Murphy
Lawrence Oleander
Ren Hana
{and others just ask}

[ IT ]
Richie Tozier
Connor Bowers
Eddie Kasbrak
Beverly Marsh
Stanely Uris
Neibolt! Richie
{and others}

As for any other fandoms please ask before hand! Thank you
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