OC: Belladonna

(Not a Harry Potter OC)

❧ Basic Information

Name: Belladonna

Age: 19

Sexuality/ Pronouns: Bisexual (Woman Lean) She/Her

Height / Weight: 5’4 110 pounds

Character Description: Long red hair, Reddish Pink eyes, Dainty hands and fingers, her nails are almost always painted black. She bears the mark of the witch which is a sigil burned into her sternum. Very charming and all smiles on the outside

❧ Family Information

As far as she knows her mother was a witch just as Belladonna is. But was raised by an old woman who she always called Teacher. She always tried to have a motherly relationship with her, but Teacher always kept her at arm's length.

❧ Jobs

Belladonna can be:

❧ Personality + History

Core Traits: Deceptive, Cunning, Indifferent

Belladonna doesn’t know where she came from, the only person that has been consistent in her life was Teacher. Teacher is an old woman who raised Belladonna, teaching her the ways of being a witch. However, Teacher was morally grey with how she taught Belladonna, having her dabble in black magic, demons, and everything of the sort. While Teacher didn’t have her learn how to be good, she didn’t specifically teach her how to be bad either.

As Belladonna grew up, she came to realize that there was a better market for black magic, as most witches were prosecuted for using it. She spent most of her time studying it in her free time, making it her specialty over the years. However, she has a bad habit of taking risks without weighing the possible outcomes, and it has put her in a few dangerous situations over the years.

Belladonna is quite cunning, appearing as a cheerful and bright girl, making it almost impossible to make people suspect her of any wrongdoings. She doesn’t purposefully set out to hurt anybody with the spells she does, or the potions she sells, but she doesn’t actively try to help people either. In the end, she doesn’t care as long as she is being paid for her services. In a way, she doesn’t even see using black magic as wrong, since she's only the vessel to move the magic through.

❧ Strengths
Proficient with magic

Physically weak
Morally grey

❧ Likes
Black Magic

❧ Dislikes
Lawful good people
Authority figures

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