I know, I know.. Rules aren't the most fun thing to have in place and I understand that, but if you're not willing to respect mine, you're better off finding someone else to roleplay with..

- I'm okay with both OOC both IC approaches, however if you approach me IC it better come with a plan behind it. Otherwise I'll likely grow bored..

- Homophobia, racism, transphobia, etc.. is not tolerated.

- I don't expect perfect grammar or long replies consistently. Sometimes there's not much to respond with or we make a typo. As long as your english is clear, that's okay with me, but I'd prefer a little bit of detail, please? I don't mind shorter responses as long as they have some detail in them.

- This is a big one for me.
If I go a while without a response, you can message me about it respectfully. However, don't pressure me into responding. Multiple roleplays are likely going on at once, and I'm trying to get to as many as I can while balancing other hobbies and work.

- Anything that happens in a roleplay stays in a roleplay. Nothing done in a roleplay correlates to my personal views on you and whatnot.

- If I'm not enjoying a roleplay, I'll let you know and I want you to do the same. Don't take it personal if that does happen. Sometimes people or ideas just don't click, and that's okay.

- 18plus roleplays are fine with me, that includes darker themes and you know what. Regarding the latter, I'm okay with it, but I would prefer to have more depth to our roleplay. Refer to the last sentence of the first rule though if you plan on only doing you know what.

- I'm not looking for drama, especially not petty ish. Keep me out of it. Plain and simple.

- If you want to just chat, that's cool. I'm always up to making new friends.

Anyway, I think that's.. about it? If you're okay with what's here, feel free to add me!
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8 | Jun 22nd 2022 22:52