Plot ideas ❤ [pt 1]

1: Roommates : A budding romance between roommates. Who is going to be the first to confess? Or are they just going to stay silent? Can Muse B stay quiet as Muse A brings home a new bf/gf.. (obviously to try to get over Muse B) both don't think the other returns their feelings...

2: Detective/police offiver x Criminal: Muse A has dedicated their time to learning the law, making the streets safe. When they meet Muse B, a crime lord that has dedicated their time to ranking up in their gang. The two meet at a bar, after a one night stand it seems the two can't get the other off of their mind.. will they be able to overlook the others past/current job?

3: Human x Vampires: Endless possibilities of course.
Monster x Human

4: Born enemies : (I'm really obsessed with mafia type rps! the whole star crossed lovers XD)
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