[About: Admin]

|| I'll attempt to keep it brief! If you've found interest in my profile, welcome! Here's a bit about the person running this account.

- This account is dedicated to roleplaying the character Ganyu from Genshin Impact. Not exactly lore accurate, but will keep her general traits in tact.

- I only use the characters listed on my profile.

- Crossovers, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, and Video Game related content are my preferred genres but not afraid to try others.

- Roleplayer of 5 years of experience.

- Admin is over 18.

- Admin's a transgender female.

- Bisexual with a slight FxF lean.

- Semi-selective. Don't feel bad about it, while I'm mostly open, I've just cracked down a bit on what I will tolerate over the years.

- Kinda sleep deprived, sleepy 90% of the time.
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2 | Jun 22nd 2022 22:30