My guidelines

1) Grammar and punctuation. Whilst I am not a grammar nazi, I hope you will take care when writing out your responses. So capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks. And just run a basic spell check before you send it. I can forgive some mistakes, heck I'm not perfect, but it has to be literate.

2) Paragraph roleplaying ONLY. No script and no one-liners. I always used to say that I want 5-6 lines of writing at the very least for each response, but I think I'm going to change that now. I want you to at least attempt to match the length of my responses. I won't do a full blown essay (unless my creativity is really sparked) but I like long responses, so I will always give you a decent chunk of text to work through and I'd like to get the same.

3) Genre and characters. Ok this is a nice open one. Basically I'm willing to try pretty much anything, but my personal favorites are fantasy, romance, supernatural and horror/gore. Romance is a must... without it I get bored! But with that being said, we do not have to rush the romance between the characters if you prefer for a slow burn.. smut is definitely okay! I am not a gal that will fade to black.. NSFW themes are okay as well. My oc's are going to be bottoms (submissive) no matter their gender.

Fantasy to High fantasy
-The fae
- Vampires
_ supernatural beings, etc

I can vary from medieval to modern. It really just depends on the mood and the plot.

4) Rating. I like Mature roleplays, but there is a difference between Mature and just doing 18+ for the sake of smut. Expect cursing, violence, drama, the story. We are adults here or at least, I hope we are. I don't roleplay with minors... Must be 19+ to ride this ride sorry!!

Let's let me know what you would prefer to have, if you are looking for.. I came up with a clever coding but its not necessary. XD

- Heavy Creamer (smut based mainly)
- Light creamer (a good balance of story & Smut)

5) Spamming the RP is not acceptable. Spamming an RP and posting more than once without waiting for anyone else to reply is liable to earn you nothing less than being shut out from the RP.

6) God-Modding is unacceptable. Every character can take hits, every character can take damage, and every character can be killed. Please conduct yourself accordingly and do not have your characters super powerful, have god-like abilities, or dodging every hit. God Modding is liable to earn you nothing less than being shut out from the RP.

Power playing is not acceptable. Playing another person's character without permission will not be allowed. If necessary, confer with the other character's RPer to negotiate combined actions for posts, or imply your character's intention and follow up action if their intent succeeds. Power Playing is liable to earn you nothing less than being shut out from the RP.

7) Be realistic with your posts. If your character is hit, give them appropriate damage to the hit.. So no Gary/Mary-sues~ I'm sorry your character is not the all mighty! XD

8) Progression... Please help with the progression of the story. As well to help with plotting an idea. I don't want to be the only one coming up with ideas. If I come up with all of the ideas. I am not going to start the roleplay off, its not fair and It'll only annoy me..

9) Pairings...

M x F


M x M
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