She manages to find Rhomium. Probably not in a very legal way, that depends if it can be bought by citizens or not but in that case, she would have stolen it anyway.
Kidnapped the young shifter, she starts heading back to Xuanghen with him. She uses a portal to another world, then another back to Xuanghen to avoid controls.
Done that, she heads to the Palace and they let her go to Elton with the poor guy.
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1 | Jun 20th 2022 13:23
Capt "In some places they could even sell them as slaves at some point. Nothing surprises me anymore." She crosses her arms, looking away. "Kids should have those rights too when they get an imcompetent father like that.
If they are so rare and impressive, they could even kill me. I am not aware of those skills, but I heard of something that could be similar, who knows. I would have to see and I'm honestly curious.
Your sister is still alive after directly disrespecting you or?"
She shrugs, not showing particular emotions. She is so anemic. "I look forward to find out."
Fires «What's better than throwing their neglectful father into slavery? The privilege to whip him themselves?
If they kill you, I'll find another commandant. Such is life, nobody is irreplaceable, no matter how good.
I suppose she is alive. No idea where she went. There are some higher forces sometimes that make me unable to act according to my mentality.»
Capt She tilts her head, imagining herself whipping her stepfather. "That's even better than what I was thinking. You are impressive.
Of course. It is not like you should remain without one. I find it difficult they would kill me. I would more likely escape before then. That's the better way to live long.
She is your sister, maybe those higher forces. I would have never hurt my brother."
Fires «Because i have had a lot of time to think about what I'd do to him if I'd ever see him again. I can't help but assume others feel the same way.
Of course, there is no point in dying for whatever ideal. Another dumb conception people invented to have someone slowing down the threat while they escape.
I normally wouldn't, either.»
Capt "Me too. He died because of me already but it wasn't satisfying enough. Public execution...
Indeed. How can you continue to fight for it if you die? They do it just for the sake of glory."