About characters

Reading this might help you to understand me as a roleplayer.

I won't post here ready characters for you to choose which one you like, there's one as an example, that's all. I create my own characters to each roleplay separatedly, mixing in the looks, personality traits and mental issues that fits the plot, not the other way around.

I do not play with minors. The real person behind the account must be over 18. However, the characters can be under 18.

It's very rare I'd have a female character. Maybe it happens some day, maybe it doesn't happen as long as this account exists. Don't try to force M x F on me, I have too much self respect to listen.

I can play with many kinds of male characters from sadistic Dom tops to unstable yet loveable switchs to cute naïve sub/bottom boys. Depends what suits the plot we make up. And if it works I can go with multiple characters.

I know very few fandoms but can read about some if you're huge fan of it. If it doesn't click on me, sorry. Can't help it.
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4 | Jun 3rd 2022 13:03