He tries to keep an eye on them when he has to, there is a a cafe near their building and he spends some time there too, he can't be directly with them all the timr, just to see who leaves and who comes in. Most times there is nothing interesting, he learnt the timings of other people living in the building.
Unluckily he can't seriously be every single moment keeping an eye on them. Indeed he receives the message from HaoLin in an unlucky time, he is busy...spending his free time in pleasant ways.
He sees the message only the morning after and runs to their place. He knocks at the door.
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Iool «I know that they are real, call me only if you see the ghost of Nian YooJin. I don't care about any other.»
He shrugs. «He is sensitive and innocent, even if he tries hard to look like a badass lately. He likes to play the guzheng and dance, even used to make creative cards and gifts for everyone.» He shakes his head. «I am not sure what you mean. But the oldest is TiShan and he is probably the most childish.»
He frowns. «A what? What do they have to do with a boiler? It's so hot that it's not like they'll need to warm their houses.» He can't even imagine.
«But only crazy people think that about South Korea, there aren't documentaries that prove it, like ghosts.»
Kaeya "Nian YooJin, fine." He will hardly see it, unless he is a tormented spirit.
"He still needs to learn how to do it better. He looks like a softie compared to some beast I saw.
He doesn't make them anymore? I have never done that kind of things with joy...I knew that they would throw it in the fire once I brought it back home.
Roles in your family are all the opposite of what should be in the image of perfect family, but who cares. No family is any perfect.
Another kind of trash from something named taktak or whatever." He waves his hand off.
"No, only north korean liars who need to make it look bad so no one tries to leave. It is undoubtedly better here, you can do the shit you want..."
He keeps driving for some time, he doesn't know exactly where they might go. He just enjoys the wind and driving overall.
Iool Of course YooJin didn't become a ghost.
«I don't want him to change like that. I want him to be like before again. It's a shame that he got ruined that way. The universe needs more people like he really is.»
He shrugs. «There has not been any birthday or holiday yet, I will have to wait for it to be able to tell. But the next worthy birthday is Hao's.» He means for himself, there certainly are other important birthdays from then to September.
«Our family sucks. We are just too many kids with a too young guy to take care of us. He can't make it alone.»
He raises a brow. «TikTok? I'm on it.» But he doesn't even look much at others' stuff, he is a bit narcissistic.
«I have never seen a more free country than this.» Xuanghen is closer to North Korea and South.
He doesn't mind being on the motorbike, he enjoys the cold air and to see places.
Kaeya "If it can be achieved. Point It out to him, maybe he will try, for your sake. No one of you seems careless towards each other.
True, the universe hasn't enough people like him..." He looks up at the sky. "Try to have fun, since you all can. There are people who aren't this lucky.
You don't know what a disgusting family is. You have that guy that tries, at least, then your brothers. Give him a hand if he can't do it alone.
I am not on it. I should be?" He will just to go to follow them all, even other socials.
Eventually he stops by a nice place for eating, with those wooden tables. He parks and stands up.
He takes off his glasses and places them inside his t-shirt collar. "Eat and breathe."
Iool «That's how you make sure one will start to fake their whole behaviour and thoughts in front of you and never see them being honest again… It has to be something spontaneous, or it will be like blackmailing him to be the way we want him.»
He frowns. «Oh, right, we are so lucky and can have so much fun while that asshole searches the worst shits to combine us to.»
He makes an awkward cat smile. «I'm definitely going to give him a hand to raise me.» He starts to pat his own shoulder. «Good boy, you try so hard not to burn the world down, you deserve a reward babe! There, how about we go to have an ice cream, later, dear?» he says to himself. Nobody is more vulnerable than him to mental disorders in his litter.
«If you like short videos.»
He gets off the motorbike and goes to sit on the table. Not on the bench by it, straight on the table. «This place looks better.«