The Hero of Rylenia (Wip)

Name: Heather Treya De'Leone

Age: 40

Race: Half-Human, Half Elf

Gender: Female

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Martial status: Widowed

Family: Mother- Persephone Marie Damascus (Deceased)
Father- Jareth Treewillow (Whereabouts unknown)
Step Father- Nathaniel Alexander Damascus (Deceased)
Younger Brother- Korvold Leonidas Damascus (Alive)
Husband- Jason William De'Leone (Deceased)
Oldest Son- Philip Lawrence De'Leone (Alive, 20 years old and current King of Rylenia)
Youngest Son- Jason Korvold De'Leone (Alive and 16 years old)

Apperance: She uses her long hair to cover up the fact that she has slightly pointed ears.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Likes: Sparring, Horseback riding, Beaches, Festivals, Sweets, and spending time with her boys

Dislikes: Liars, Cheats, Scoundrels, Snobby nobles, and evil hearted people

Hates: Losing those she loves

Personality: Fiery, Good hearted, quick thinking, energetic, loving, motherly, and honest

Known languages: Common (English), Elvish

Powers: Well she can take a hit and dish it out, she ages slower than humans due to her elvish blood, she has enchanted armor that increases her defense and resistance against magic, and she is an expert horseback rider.

Weapons: Flametounge- A flaming sword said to be able to cut through armor easily due to the heat of the flames. It also grants its wielder to not be harmed by flames that haven't been tampered with by other effects like necrotic energy (hint hint wink wink).

Backstory: Heather was born from an affair the Queen of Damascus had on King Nathaniel. She was born half elven, but has hidden the fact for her years as to not "Tarnish the Damascus name". From this she has had a very rough relationship with her step-father, however when she was eight years old she had a little brother. Which she couldn't help but love those chubby cheeks Korvold had. Heather acted as a second mother to Korvold teaching him many things and most importantly making sure he grew up to be kind and not as snobby as his father.
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