~Wyatt Halls~

Name: Wyatt Halls
Nickname: None
Age: 16-27 (depends on the rp!)
Height: 5'7”
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Personality: Wyatt is an active soul. He wants to do any and everything in life. Yet some days can't even find the energy to crawl out of bed. He can have a dirty mouth at times. And will say whatever comes to mind. Whether it's weird or not.
Occupation: Tattoo Artist
Sexuality: Bisexual
Short Backstory: Wyatt always was the type to volunteer to go first. Whether it was for a rollercoaster ride. Or getting shots. His goal to be the best at everything and his goal to try everything was always persistent. But even the bravest people have fears. He hates showing them though. So unless he's terrified of something he will not let you know. Also the hospital has a special seat for the male. He gets hurt fairly often.
- Music
- Heights
- His hobbies (Drawing, Tattooing himself, Traveling )
- Violence (Mainly if it's funny)
- Comforting
- Being Patient or Quiet
- Spicy Foods
- Getting yelled at
- Art
- Persuading
-Fears not living up to life's full potential
-No one remembering him when he dies
-Bad at Comfort
-Acts before thinking
-Anxiety that he ignores constantly
-An Instigator (urges on conflicts, mainly for his amusement)
Extra Facts:
-He did all his tattoo's and piercings himself other than ones he couldn't see.
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