Rose Fitzherbert ( Descendants oc)

Name:Rose Fitzherbert

Age: (same age as Ben so depends on that)


Gender: eh (genderqueer)

Disney Parent:"Eugene Fitzherbert" AKa Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

Appearance: 6ft by the age of 16, short hair all brown but two long stands on either side, thin up and down

Occupation: leader of the NHKs (not hero kids)

Relatives:Rapunzel (mom), Eugene Fitzherbert (dad), ruby (twin sister), King Frederic (grandfather), Queen Arianna (grandmother)

Allies:roe,Ross,the werid twin,

Likes:reading, ballroom dancing, painting with her mom

Dislikes:people knowing she liked ballroom dancing, people forgetting her name, being called the less pertty one, people being "annoying"

Extra:a bit accident prone and loves trouble, all the doctors in the area know them by name,

They use any pronoun

Roommate: their sister

Story Book Romance: they doubt they could ever be loved

Auradon Prep uniform:they wear a "male" uniform most the time it's a losely buttoned dress shirt coverd in dirt, black pants and boots

Arriving at Auradon Prep:they arrived with their sister and quickly made a few enemies but also an few friends Ben being her frist friend ever

Prince Ben's Coronation: a black suit with a bright purple bow tie and black dress shoes, completed with white gloves

What are the NHK: NHK or the not hero kids,is a movement made before the BKs were allowed into a school basically saying their parents were no better than the villains put away so why are innocent kids put away, if even they (BKs) were so dangerous why weren't the NHKs

It's lead by her, but any kid with a parent with a sketchy past is allowed in (like Aladdin's kids) Ben was highly influenced by this movement and even was a NHK till his father forced him to drop that friend group because it was no good for a future king, after Ben did the BK let into Auradon

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