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⋮☰﹫milkaroone's rule board note
these rules are probably just like everyone else's, but roo still wants to add this blog due to reasons that won't be known unless asked by him specifically in private.
onto the rules now

⋮☰﹫milkaroone's rule board

be rootin, be tootin, be shootin, but most importantly.. be kind

communication is key and i personally value it a lot, so, please communicate!

please don't use semi or one-liners unless its just simple ooc roleplay. (is there even a term for that? it's like, when someone texts you *hug* 'nd its basically them virtually hugging you?)

also asterisks, (aka this star symbol: *), please don't use those either!

okay thats all i think, ride safe partners, yeehaw!
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1 | May 13th 2022 19:02