꒰ OC ꒱ - Mitsuki (ฅ^・ﻌ・^)ฅ ~♡

Note: Mitsuki works with almost any rp.

[character bio]

Name: Mitsuki
Nickname: Mitsu
Age: 21
Nationality: half Japanese
Gender: male
Height: 5'ft 2"in
Body: slim, slightly feminine body
Neko form: reveals his small brown cat ears, and fluffy brown tail.
Skintone: fair skin tone

Hair Color: dark brown
Furr Color: dark brown
Hair Style: well maintained long brown hair.
Eye Color: violet
Eye: almond eye shape, light brown eyelashes
Face Shape: small roundish face
Voice: soft, shy voice

Style: he likes to wear t shirts, oversized hoodies, skirts, thigh high socks, and cute shoes.

Likes: anything cute, manga, plushies, being pet, cuddles, given affection and attention, and napping.

Dislikes: aggression, dogs, when others try to take what belongs to him, and other cats stepping onto his territory.

[Character Photos]


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