Shiki Ichinose

Name: Shiki Ichinose
Age: 18
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Birthday: May 30th
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: Observation, Suspicious Scientific Experimentation, Disappearance
Horoscope: Gemini
Hometown: Iwate

A curious and easily-bored girl who is motivated by finding new things to hold her attention; if it's not interesting, she's not interested. Around the office, she's known for her ridiculously short attention span and often wanders off to find things she wants to do. It's a mystery on how she spends her time wandering around, but it's thought that she wanders about looking for things to keep her attention and entertain her. When talking to others, she derails the conversation and changes the subject if she's disinterested. Shiki is even known to leave mid-conversation if it gets stale, not caring about what was talked about in the first place. Currently, the longest time she can stay focused on a task is 3 minutes. Due to her short attention span, Shiki is carefree, easygoing, and happy-go-lucky. She often does what she wants, when she wants. Because of this, Shiki is extremely hard to keep under control, slipping away without noticing or verbally influencing Producer to do what she wants to do. Additionally, Shiki comes across as messy and unkept. A bit of a slob, she often forgets to clean up after herself, often leaving a garbage trail behind her. Though positive, Shiki tends to hide her negative feelings and internalize them, only coming out during intimate moments with other idols or Producer.

Though Shiki's laid-back personality can make some people infer that she isn't smart, this is far from the truth. From a young age, she was a gifted child and is extremely intelligent. This thirst for knowledge was encouraged by her father, a chemistry scholar. Thus, Shiki was interested in the sciences since childhood. She's also highly perceptive and has a great memory, even saying herself that she studied for a year abroad in America (but came back as she was bored). Many people think that she is just a high-school returnee, but it's implied that she skipped grades and graduated in chemistry at an American university. In conversation, Shiki often talks in science-related jargon that no one understands and can speak many different languages fluently, including English. Because of her love for science, Shiki loves experiments and is best described as a "mad scientist." She enjoys experimenting and makes scent-based concoctions like perfume and aphrodisiacs as a hobby in her garage, thanks to her spot on sense of smell.
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