Fuyuko Mayuzumi

Name: Fuyuko Mayuzumi
Age: 19
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Birthday: December 4th
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: "Chatting with my friends‚ô™"
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Hometown: Ibaraki

A first-year student at a vocational school with a neat image, she always keeps a gentle smile on her face in public. A cute girl who likes to wear girly clothes and calls herself, "Fuyu". Always attentive to her surroundings and wants to make everyone smile... is an outward appearance she created. In reality, she calculates her surrounds and knows that if she behaves like this, people around her will misunderstand her. The reason why she hides her true identity because she isn't very confident in herself, and fears being rejected for showing her true self, which has been holding her back. When she met producer, she started opening up for the first time. The difference when she opens up is quite strong and challenging. Behind the "Fuyu" image of hers, she is actually a huge fan of anime, and when she is in her "Fuyu" mode, she acts like she understands anime instead. She has a strong admiration for idols, and goes out wearing a mask when she goes to buy her favorite goods. In the unit she's in, Fuyuko built herself up through hidden efforts, and Asahi, who is a bundle of qualities, often makes Fuyuko bothered. And as for Mei, she doesn't seem to be bothered by her, but she is comfortable with her straightforward and good-natured behavior.

Fuyuko is a kind girl with a modest smile. Fuyuko is first seen as a bubbly and cheerful girl that likes cute things and is attentive to her surroundings. However, her true personality is much more serious, and she acts in a cutesy manner because she believes others will like her more when she does. The tone of her voice also changes from cute to serious between these personalities. She gets nervous easily and loses her temper when stressed, but doesn't want people to worry about her insecurities. One of her concerns about being an idol is not meeting the standards of others. Although she tends to be mean to the Producer, she actually respects him a lot and is grateful for the amount of support she receives, making her somewhat of a tsundere type character.
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