Mei Izumi

Name: Mei Izumi
Age: 18
Height:162 cm
Weight:51 kg
Birthday: August 2nd
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, listening to new music
Horoscope: Leo
Hometown: Saitama

A third-year high school student who is friendly and has a slightly rough personality. Having been born and raised in a large family, she has a natural communication ability and did not border herself to anyone. She has the personality to help anyone in need. She didn't necessarily aim to have a flashy gyaru appearance, but on a whim she went suntanning and dyed her hair with a close friend. She likes to have fun with her friends and often invite them to play or is invited to play. Because of this, she became engrossed in the workings of the entertainment industry. Mei has the opposite of a two-faced personality. Simply put, she's a really good girl.
Her weak point is that she is not very good at doing anything in public. Although she made an effort to becoming an idol, she still could not easily overcome her tension on the stage. However, when the producer suggests she adopt a cool character persona on the stage, it became her turning point and that persona has been well-received as a mystery. As for the relationship with Straylight members, she loves Asahi like her sister and admits that Asahi has talent to be an idol. She can deal well with Fuyuko no matter what mood Fuyuko is in.

An upbeat girl with an optimistic and broad attitude. While she has a hard time understanding more complex things, she's still easy to talk to. She is in her 3rd year of High School.

Initially, despite being very energetic and friendly towards everyone she meets, when she gets on stage in front of an audience her voice becomes small and she struggles to get words out due to a past event. In order to help Mei work around her stage fright, the producer suggests that she adopt a cool and mysterious image as her on-stage persona. This way, she won't need to worry about talking a lot or forcing herself to make her voice sound bubbly. Mei agrees, and after her first performance she thanks the producer for her new strategy which allows her to continue to pursue a life as an idol. In stark contrast to how Mei acts in everyday life, laughing often and comfortably making conversation with even strangers, her on-stage personality is terse, speaking few words with a steady and husky voice.
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