“Wherever we want to go, we’ll go.”

{{Soooo this was my very first character. She was made when I was around 7 years old. I was obsessed with Pirates of Carribean, Peter Pan and pirates in general back then. And I had a friend who shared the same obsession with me. We used to pretend to be pirates, killing sea monsters and helping mermaids. Ya know, stuff that 7 year olds do with their friends. I've always had a weird thing in one of my legs which made me limp. Tbh, I kinda thought it was cool that I could limb. yeaaa, I grew up weird. Anyway, Red Shark has a mechanical leg and a prominent limb because of that. Oh and Angria was actually an actual Indian pirate. Anyway, allow me to introduce you to Red Shark, the terror of the Eastern Bay.}}

Red Shark (She/Her)

Her long hair falls in ringlets around her waist. It used to be black but had now turned red and frizzy from the combined bleaching effect of the salty wind and the scorching sun.

She's got carmel skin that's usually caked with oil and grit, a sharp nose and black eyes. She also has a mechanical leg due to some injury which causes her to limb.

Red Shark had long forgotten her given name. Sometimes she wonders if she were ever given a name at all. She grew up in a tea plantation as a slave. A scrawny young thing. She was later rescued by a pirate crew that robbed the ship which was transporting slaves. The captain of the ship, Angria Calico, took a special interest in her. All the slaves were given the choice to either join the crew at sea or start a new life in a new land. Red Shark chose to stay. Angria raised her as his own blood. He gave her, her name and her legend. She rose to be a feared pirate. First mate to her captain. She was destined to take over his ship when he died.

She is morally ambiguous. On the flip side, she's also very loyal to her peers. Her decisions are often led by her unquenchable thirst for adventure. One of the reasons for her rise was her zeal for taking risks. She went to places that no pirate would dare to go despite the consequences. Ironically, this attribute of hers has also got her in trouble more than once. All in all, she enjoys her life, running after treasure, drinking her problems out of her head with her crew at the tavern, commandeering the ship and spending time with her old foster father, Angria Calico.
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