MASSIVE TW: (Physical abuse, psychological abuse, gore, NSFW) If you are uncomfortable with any of the items listed above please do contact me about it. We do not have to include it in the roleplay, but a lot of the characteristics and backstories of my OCs include dark themes.

1. LEGAL REQUIREMENT: All people hoping to interact with Evelynn must be 18+ (legal age in the UK). I too used to be a teen on this site wanting to explore er*t*c roleplay but I’m not about to catch a case.

2. ERP: Please don’t expect purely sexual roleplays. I don’t mind er*t*c roleplays, but don’t make it all about that. If I get a hint of that being your main interest you will be removed.

3. RESPONSES: Don’t get annoyed with my reply times. If I haven’t responded in a while, check my timeline. I’ve probably updated it to explain my absence.

4. CHANGES: I don’t mind changing Evelynn’s character to human if you prefer those kinds of roleplays.

5. ADDING: If you add me, please follow up and say hello. This isn’t a dating app/friendship app. I’m here to roleplay.

6. BASICS: From personal experience, I won’t rp with furries/anime/real life mimics, purely because they don’t work well with my own character.

7. INFORMANT: If you need time off from our roleplay, or have any triggers that you don’t want included in our messages please do let me know. I won’t judge you.

8. LENGTH: I don’t really care for length of replies, as long as they’re not single lined and somewhat readable. I will most likely copy the length I am sent but with this please appreciate that longer replies, obviously take longer.

9. PRE-ROLEPLAY AGREEMENTS: I prefer to plan out roleplays ahead of entering them. From personal experience, organising a start, climax and potential end (although I appreciate sometimes it’s better to play endings out by ear) allows the roleplay to be more structured and less likely to fail.

10. OOC COMMUNICATION: I adore little additions about roleplays, whether thats in pm or comments. It’s important to me to know if you have any issues, additional ideas or feedback about our roleplays so we can improve or change them according to how we both see fit. I also, believe it or not, enjoy the positive reinforcement of knowing our roleplay is bringing you joy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
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7 | May 13th 2022 08:30