Some plots.

Strangers at a Bar

This is your ideal starter scene because it’s so easy and soooo hot. You agree to meet your love at a bar and pretend to be strangers laying eyes on each other for the first time. Have a couple drinks. Make some flirty small talk. Then take them home and close the deal. While a bar is the traditional meeting place, this scene works in a library, at a bus stop, even in church. You may find yourselves returning to this one over and over again.

Bored Housewife and Door to Door Salesman

This classic is great for a holiday Monday if you’re both off work during the day. Agree on a time for your partner to ring your bell, then answer the door. Costumes and props work well here. A sexy negligee and a martini gives a hot Mad Men vibe. Invite the tired man in for a refreshing glass of lemonade, make small talk about your window treatments, and seduce him on the dining room table. For a gender swap, try Novelist and Avon Lady.

Royalty and Attendant

This is a luxurious scene for when one of you wishes to be pampered to the extreme. You can be Cleopatra being bathed by her lady in waiting, Henry VIII being served at table by a footman, or Lord/Lady Grantham giving careful instructions to the new upstairs maid.

Doctor and Patient

The dirty childhood game transfers well to grown-up life because it allows one of you to be professionally distant while touching and tending to the other’s body. You must meet each other’s eyes and discuss intimate topics in a casual way. And eventually, the patient will need to undress.

Escort and Client

This is fun to start during the work day. The client calls the escort to make an appointment. The escort arrives at the agreed upon place and time, dressed to impress. This scene is especially hot because it allows you to chat and “get to know each other” before getting down to business. And like the Doctor/Patient scenario, it requires a candid discussion of things we don’t always talk about. A client will have to be specific about their desires. If you need a little encouragement in asking for what you want, this game is ideal.

Boss and Secretary

Remember your steno pad, your efficient attitude, and who you’re working for. It’s fun to dictate an x-rated memo. Or apply disciplinary procedures for each typo. Or send your secretary out for ice. And then use it on their body. This one works with any combination of gender roles. But for maximum impact, get inspired by the office culture of last century, where secretaries were like butlers. They might fetch coffee, give a chair massage, or juggle the boss’ lovers.

Teacher and Student

This one works because it’s so versatile. Think about what turns your crank. Maybe Teacher needs to see the Student after class for an attitude adjustment (and a few smacks with a ruler.) Maybe the Student needs a little tutoring before tomorrow’s anatomy quiz. Or perhaps they want to beg the Professor to turn their B into an A. It’s entirely up to you.

Master and Slave

Are you the slave? Your body is theirs. Your purpose is to serve their every pleasure. Are you the Master or Mistress? They are your treasured property, to be collared, carefully maintained and used for your benefit. The only limit here is whatever you both need to be safe. Experiment with bondage. Play with spanking. Dress up. Compel or give a command performance. Just be sure to discuss limits beforehand.

Study Buddies

You’re just friends helping each other cram for the chemistry exam. You’re way too shy to try anything. But there’s always been chemistry. What would they look like without their glasses? What would it be like to kiss them? Oops. Your hands just accidentally touched. How awkward. This is fun if you have a nerdy academic interest like astronomy or literature. It allows you to relax by talking about something comfortable and familiar.

Pilot and Flight Attendant

The Captain has turned off the Fasten Seatbelts sign. You are now free to move about the cabin, lock yourself in the cockpit, and turn on Auto Pilot. It’s ten hours to Shanghai. How will we ever pass the time? This works for those with a 50s fetish, when the Jet Set were like gods and flight attendants were called stewardesses. Throw in some international decor and you can stage a one night stand on another continent. Just remember to schedule a wake up call. You have to fly back to O’Hare in the morning.

Football Captain/Cheerleader

This game means everything to the team. Show your school spirit and give your captain a private pep rally in the locker room. Feel free to adjust the specific sport to accommodate your gender combo or fantasy preferences. In addition to football games, there are basketball games, gymnastic meets, even cheerleader competitions. This one gets a lot better if you introduce costumes.

Photographer and Model

They LOVE what you’re doing. Just make it a little fiercer. That’s it! You gorgeous animal. Now undo that top button. This one is so hot because it forces the focus onto the model’s body. If you love to worship or be worshipped, this scenario will deliver. Bonus points if you actually take some racy photos. Just be sure to keep them between the two of you.

Cop and Motorist

How can you possibly talk your way out of this ticket? Flash a little skin. Purse your lips. Throw out a killer grin. If you’re the Officer, what will it take for you to bend the rules? You’re on a dark road in the middle of nowhere. You haven’t passed another car for miles. You can ask for anything you want.

Personal Trainer and Client

You want abs of steel? You’re gonna have to sweat for them. Push it. Again. Good workout. Time for your shower and rubdown. This is a variation on the service scene that allows one person to touch the other. It also allows for shameless staring and brazen compliments from either player. A workout bench, two slippery sexy bodies, skimpy athletic wear. All it takes is a slip of a trainer’s hand to push this scene over the edge.
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