Zod Windjumper (Goblin OC)

First Name: Zod
Last Name: Windjumper
Other Alias(s): The Green Thorn, Hero of the Poor
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Forest Goblin
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Day of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: Professional Thief, Assassin, and Spy


Hair Length and Style: None
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Light Grey
Skin Tone: Dark Forest Green
Wings/Claws/Tail design: Razor Sharp Claws and Teeth, including a long, serpentine-like tail that he keeps hidden
Body Build: Athletic-Fit and Lean
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 54'lbs
Special Features: His Tail and Smells of the Forest
Tattoos/Birthmarks: None
Clothing: Zod prefers to wear more light things; various red and dark colored leathers, furs, cloths, and cloaks. However, he does sometimes wear small metal armor, mostly shoulder pauldrons, knee guards and chestplates


Because of his upbrining and past abandonment, Zod developed a lone wolf demeanor. He preferes solitude and never likes to get close to anyone, even if he has allies. Like the rest of his kind, Zod has a great love and greed for all things gold and precious. Still, he does have some compassion for others, especially if they are hurt and down in life. Zod is known to occassionally help poor beggars and bring them things to live on, including food, clothing, and even money, and he actively seeks to get them out of harms way, no matter the cost. He loves his job and would never think of anything better to do. However, he never harms good and innocent people. He may be a killer, but he has standards.

Likes: Gold, Gems, Food, Hunting down wanted and dangerous people and creatures
Dislikes: Not gaining enough money, seeing the poor suffer, Rich People
Fears: Zod is Cynophobic, meaning he is afraid of dogs and canine-like animals (Will explain in roleplay)
Hobbies: Making poisons and toxins, and walking through forests


Zod is an expert in stealth, being able to move around silently and efficiently through the shadows. Not only that, he is also able to fit into places that most would never be able to, making this one of his greatest advantages as he can slip away without problems. Zod is also skilled in picking pockets. Having trained himself, he learned how to handle small blades, bows and arrows, and throwing weapons. He is quite the crackshot with a bow and extremely fast with daggers. His speed, durability and strength is almost unnatural for his kind, especially in his legs. He can pummel a full-grown person and is able to knock them out with enough force, and can take debilitating hits that would be considered deadly to him. Zod is extremely acrobatic and flexible, can jump high in the air, and can climb or even scale up virtually any surface. Some would describe him as perfect thief and assassin material.

Weapons: Zod carries a special elven dagger he named "Thorn", but he also carries various other Daggers, Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows, various Poisons and Toxins, and also uses his own Teeth, Claws, and Tail

Appearance of Dagger: qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-c7288cc7894b016794c6324f94ebf0ee
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