Original: Jett Adler

This file that _ your about to peek _ at is about to change_ your life. Warning,
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__File___Number: 940385271__

Name: Jett Adler
Code Name: Project Alpha
Assigned Doctor: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Birthday: January 1st 1999
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Eye Color: Purple / Blue
Hair color: Black
Skills: Hand to Hand combat___Sniper Expert___Knife Expert___Parkour___Escape Artists___Expert Torturer___Pickpocket___Lockpicker___Sneaking___
Scavenger___Cooking___Armor and Ammo Smith___
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single in a Lonely World
Wears: Black Gloves___Black and Blue Cloak___Black Tactical Vest___Black bullet proof jeans___Steal Toe Black Boots with retractable Knives front and back of each boot___Four throwing Knives on his right side of his chest___Two Knives on each hip.
Other: Has two personalities, One dark and One Light. The Dark has Red eyes and dark black hair. The Light has bluish purple eyes with light black hair. The Dark is more aggressive and some people say he is a psychopath. He's the more dangerous of the two and his name is Unknown. The Light is more friendly and caring. He protect those who he cares for and prefers to talk things out, he's calm and collective. He's the good side and he is name is Jett Alpha Adler. AKA " Alpha" These two personalities were made during the testing of Project Alpha and Omega.

There isn't much information on Jett's child hood, only that his parents had given him up at birth. Sending him into the governments hands, nobody was adopting during his ages of newborn to the age of sixteen. So a Director of a government agency by the name Nathan Black had got his hands on Jett. Bringing him into the new Project that was training young men and women to become dangerous weapons, the project was called Project Alpha and Omega. Through the training the trainees were tortured through many different training programs. From Hand to hand combat to lockpicking, of course Jett had passed everything in flying colors. Losing emotion, Nathan would beat Jett into thinking emotions were for the weak. This would allow him to pass his final test, he would have to fight all the other men in the program, to the death. It was called Project Alpha and Omega for a reason, one Alpha...which was male and one Omega, which was female. Killing all the male trainees would allow Jett to earn his name, he would now and forever be called Project Alpha. A girl named Lillia McKenna would earn her name, she would become Project Omega. These two were now the most dangerous weapons that the United States ever owned but this soon would change when the world changed, either in the end towards an apocalypse or the realty changing into a new world in general.

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