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Name: Charlotte Harlow

Nickname(s): Charlie, Char

Age: Varies (17-30)

Species: Human

Currently living: Varies

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Abilities: She can see anything supernatural, whether they are disguised or not. It's always like a colored aura around them.


Traits: Soft-spoken, although very kind-hearted. She can be a major pushover at times. This personality seems to attract the most toxic of people to her, leading to many bad friendships and relationships.

Hobbies: Drawing, coding, singing, photography.

Habits: Picking/biting her nails

Fears: Damn near everything.


Orientation: Pansexual

Relationship status: Single


Height: 5'11

Skin: Very pale

Hair: Naturally white (half is dyed black)

Eyes: Pale green

Piercings: Three in each ear

Scars: Many across her body


Drinker?: Not really

Smoker?: Only when stressed

Recreational drug user?: Just weed (on very rare occasions)

Mental illnesses: PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression.

Charlotte Harlow has had it rough most of her life. Her little "gift" started appearing at a young age, leading people to think she was mentally ill. She spent much of her young childhood in and out of psychiatric wards, paired with abuse from her parents. She grew into a kind woman despite her background, but many have used this personality to hurt her more.

She works at home doing IT work, and is a very intelligent girl. She does her best to ignore what she can do and doesn't often tell people about it out of fear.

She is a rather tall, lanky woman. She has albinism, but will say that the white half of her hair is dyed, not the black half. She is usually seen in baggy and comfortable clothes. She has rectangular glasses that she is borderline blind without.
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