Absence until end of March 2022

Hi all,

I did post a message before the New Year regarding my absence ranging from this month until the end of March, but it seems to have disappeared. So, I thought I would upload it on my blog instead to avoid any more disappearances and so you're all kept up to date.

I'm going to be slow with replies from now until around 24th March due to University and work commitments. My dissertation thesis is due for submission on the 23rd March, and once that is out of the way then I believe I will be much more available, as a lot of time is required to complete it.

Until that time, I will try and reply to everyone as much (and as quickly) as I can, but I cannot make any promises when it comes to giving a time-frame. I put a lot of passion into my writing and will not send a response that I think is not up to par.

With that being said, if you are impatient with replies then you may not wish to roleplay with me (or start a roleplay) until a later date - that's fine! However, I do ask for some lee-way for my situation, as I am always extremely fair with others with no complaint. Everyone has their own lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read :)
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0 | Jan 14th 2022 12:15