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Full name: Lucien Sauveron
Sobriquet: Lu, Luci
Reason for nickname: Both have come from attempts to annoy him
Birth date: 1/11
Age: 200+ years

Species: Cursed to exist as a demon, born with angel blood, f***ed with the wrong witch. No memory of his origins, false memories implanted.


Height: 6'5
Body build: Well defined, strong, not necessarily stacked with muscle
Eye color: Dark brown, known to become paler when ill
Skin tone: Fair skinned, white
Distinguishing marks: Scars scattered around his body from fights, some fights more violent than others.
Hair color: Black
Hairstyle: Short, messy, untamable
Voice: Silky smooth, deep, honey-like


- Cruel
- Arrogant
- Sadistic at times
- Out of touch
- Apathetic
- Easily entertained
- Greedy
- Sometimes hostile
- Sometimes masochistic
- Impulsive
- Unattached
- Misguided

(But can also be after some time -)
- Loyal
- Charismatic
- Comedic
- Reliable
- Caring


Drives and motivations: To have complete control of those he surrounds himself with. Intense thirst for power, insatiable.
Long term goals: To be classed as an official 'king' of some sort.
How other characters will be affected: Enslaved 'happily' to him.


Colour: Lavender
Least favorite colour: Brown
Music: Anything and everything
Food: Doesn't really survive off food
Form of entertainment:
Most prized possession:


- Rescuing reptiles (specifically snakes)
- Drinking
- Sex
- Organizing parties / formal events (eg. ballroom parties)
- Exploiting others for his own amusement
- Encouraging fights
- Gambling in some form

Smokes: Smokes cigarettes whenever he gets his hands on a pack.
Drinks: Drinks daily, doesn't often get drunk.
Other drugs: Drugs barely do anything for him.

Nervous tics:
- Grimacing
- Lip biting

Usual body posture: Straight and towering.

- Tilts his head when curious
- Eyebrow raising
- Heavy eye contact

Peculiarities: Ambidextrous

self perception

Lucien thinks very highly of himself, leaving no room for others to put their two cents in. He doesn't give a f***. As a fact he knows he's capable of crushing someone effortlessly, or believes so anyway, certain that he's better than anyone and everyone. Very few challenge him which leaves his ego higher than the sky. Nothing can hurt him, invincible, unreasonable.

He didn't always think this way.

relationships // preferences

Sexual orientation: Doesn't have a preference. Bi, pan, straight, whatever someone wants him to be. Been alive for long enough to stick to nothing.

Position: Typically dominant, not opposed to being challenged in bed.

Kinks: Choking, knife play, blood play, biting, spitting, being begged, praising, degradation

Opinion of other people in general: Everyone should serve him, drop to his feet, kneel for him.



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