What to Expect from Me, the Pianist

I write in third person.
I often mix third person past tense and third person present tense… If you’re okay with that, I’m okay with that. If you’re not okay with that, I’m okay with that, too.

Most of my characters are made up on the fly.

Most of my characters are male. Angsty, masculine, and in need of emotional vulnerability.

I am comfortable with all pairings.
MxM and MxF are my go-to.

Post length is dependent upon you, my partner. I tend to match and mirror and will often ask you to start our story in order to get a good feel for what you want the writings to look like.
I am comfortable averaging 300-500 words per post.
1,000+ word posts are a favorite of mine.

Plotting and plot-lines I give a solid 5/10.
Sometimes I think they’re important and I enjoy a good collaboration, whereas other times I prefer to just roll with it and see what kind of epic creativity comes from it.

The rate of my replies depends heavily on a few things.
One, what my schedule looks like.
Two, how inspired I am.
Three, how much I’ve bitten off for myself.

If I don’t like the story, I’ll let you know.
If I find myself losing interest, sometimes it takes me a few days of mulling over thoughts and things in my head before I bring it up to you, but I will often bring it up eventually.

I may like to think myself many things, but a furry, wrestler, or slice of life type I am not.
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