~ i'm bi, so i can rp as any gender and do romance with any gender. however, i will say i'm probably better at writing female characters. (because i am a female, lol)
~ no one-liners, please! i'm not great at writing novella length, but i can do a paragraph minimum and i'd like my partners to be able to do the same.
~ i don't do canon verses/characters. i like to make that stuff up with my partner before the rp. i usually just make a new character for each rp, but i'm considering making character pages too.
~ i don't do nsfw with no plot. i also won't do nsfw with anyone under 18. incest, pedophilia, and bestiality are also off-limits. if you ask for one of those things, you're just getting blocked.
~ if you send the friend request, please message me first. if i accept and you don't message me within a week, i'll just unadd you.
~ please rp with as much proper grammar and spelling as you're able to do (i know i don't capitalize anything,,,this is on purpose lolol). when typing out actions, please don't do it like this: *emily sits in the chair*. write as if you were writing a book or essay.
~ *IMPORTANT* i am a college student with a social life and also depression. sometimes these things make it difficult for me to respond in a timely matter, but i try really hard to stay on top of it and be upfront if it's going to take me a bit to get back to you. please do the same for me if you can.

i think that's all of it! if you read all of it, thank you ❤
if you want my discord, just ask! we don't even have to rp there, i'm down for just talking and getting to know you!
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4 | Jan 13th 2022 22:45