Case File 0006 [Sebastian Grace]

Name: Sebastian Grace


Camp: Half-Blood

Godly Parent: Aphrodite

Sebastian has been there for a while after his father casted him out and left him scrounging for food. Luke Castellan Found him in a dumpster. Sebastian looked like the brother he never had and when Luke needed a spy to spy on the camp for kronus. Sebastian agreed till his Sister found out. She took his charm bracelet and saved him from being casted out of the camp. Losing her life in the process.
Now Sebastian is cursed by his mother to feel heartbreak in every love interest he takes. Something happens so... he became the occasional fun guy. Never getting attached to anyone but rather destroying them.

Powers: Charmspeaks and Pretty Handy with a bow and arrow.

Regina Is my Role Model. Actually more like my twin.

Man that armor hides the fat so well

How bout you go get me a drink. A pumpkin spice latte is good.

50 shades of Grey! More like 50 shades of Gay

Face Claim: Tyler Posey
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