The Spoiled Witch

Full Name: Arthur Cheyanne Kingsford
Nicknames: Art, Arty, Chey
Species: Witch
Parents: Loretta and Charles Kingsford (Deceased)
Siblings: (None Known)
Best Friends: Casper Parker
Occupation: Student and Intern
Face Claim: David Henrie
Verse: Legacies

Backstory: Born the Only son of Loretta and Charles Kingsford, Arty was spoiled, He received whatever he needed or wanted till, Him and his parents got into a huge almost lethal fight, It was over something stupid, a curfew and he and his dad fought and Arty just blacked out, next thing he knew he was talking to Social Services and was sent to the Salvatore Boarding School, He didn't fit in with the other Kids, Most of the guys he met were jocks or bullies, and the few nerds were to busy ogling over the Saltzman girls, Believing he had no friends, he isolated himself, instead losing himself in his Magic studies, His favorite Subject, Working hard he eventually was offered an Internship which he happily took, Currently, his most hated subject is History, led my Alaric Saltzman, However, he stays out of all the supernatural juju.

Health Issues: ADHD and he Dyslexic making History extra frustrating
Talents: He knows 3 Languages, Latin, Greek and Gaelic, He also can play the Violin and Guitar, although he is too shy to share that with anyone
Bank Account: His Parents left him an Extensive amount of wealth, However it is held by the state until he turns 18. He receives 400 a month and the school is given about 5,000 a month for any expenses he has.

Noticable feature: He has a tattoo of a raven on his chest that extends its way down his shoulder and arm.

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