The other day, he eavesdropped most of the conversation between LanJi and TiShan, mostly for what concerned WonPil. He knew that he wasn't faring so well, economically, but he didn't think he reached the point to get debts from people. That bothers and worries him at the same time, as he can't know all the people WonPil owes to.
He decided that it's time to stop, to put the old-sh*t mask aside for some minutes and have a serious conversation with his adoptive grandson.

Since he doesn't know how to go to Shiinden and certainly can't, the only place where he could approach WonPil for a private conversation is the new house.
He literally waits a few hours around there for the Ming to leave, before to finally being able to approach. It's true that there were some situations between him and the Ming, which involved his capture, but that was when Soohyeon took WonPil away and they were desperate to find him.

When he reaches WonPil inside, he is horrified to find out that he is not alone, bit Mochi is with him. He can't tell whether he is a Ming, though, since he isn't dressed as one.
Anyhow, he calls WonPil aside, whom reluctantly accepts to follow him outside.

YunFei has two main things to tell him, that he puts on this way:

1) «I know that it turns out I am not your real grandfather, everyone knows. I can't tell that I didn't have that suspect, knowing of what my son had done, decades ago. But that doesn't change the fact that your arrival in my life was… the best thing that has happened to me in the last few centuries…
I am aware that my father and your father's father were brothers, which makes me and him cousins. I may not be your real grandfather, but I'm an uncle, nonetheless. We have a family bond, you are Ming as much as you are Luo.
I also know that SooHyeon kidnapped you and ruined most of your life. Your father's too… hence, the very least I could do to make up for the troubles my son caused to you all is to compensate economically. I am going to cover for all of your debts and for the further costs connected to this house. It's where my great-grandchildren will have to live, as much as my grandson, or nephew if you prefer, and I want it to be perfect.»

2) «You have to stop working in the North. I get it, you like it there and you like the Riddle, but you can't continue to spend so much time away from your children. You are even going to get more, who is going to raise them, if you spend your whole day in Thylum? You can't continue to let TiShan live as if he was his brothers' second parent! You don't even receive a pay high enough to justify it, it's not a good job, it's an average job! It's a job for a woman whose husband earns decently already, at most!
Tell Mr Riddle that you quit. Next week you come with me. I've been needing an assistant all my life, on Monday you'll sign your contract. And I don't want to hear a breath, you will do as I say, this time!»
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Fake "I think I should work on my abs though." He just wants to be more handsome to admire himself. XD LanJi would tell him it is useless to attract his partner.
"I'll create the perfect chocolate for you, appa. I am sure our little brother or sister will appreciate them too!" He doesn't know how true it might be.

"I don't think his actions show much, unless he is working so hard just to make us proud. I told him many times to slow down but he didn't listen, so I guess that in the end, he does it just for himself." WuXin looks up, starting to eat cake at small and elegant bites.
"Alright then. You risk to have to give it all to me, with the numbers increasing!" He only means his children getting companions.

LanJi grabs the chance to follow him as he finishes the cake. He wraps his arms around himself and approaches him. He leans his back against the balcony border and looks at him. "Running away already?"
Memory «Gomawo! Little one seems to like anything except tea and chicken Alfredo…» It wasn't a good night for him, after eating that trash.
«Still… if he works hard it's still a good thing. It will achieve him a lot. Maybe after he gets all the things he wants the most, he will stop to enjoy the results. Perhaps, he feels some pressure due to being the youngest and having many clever older brothers.»

YunFei. «Give it all to him, I don't feel like to go give those two a cake.» Deidara and SangPil, he means.

He follows TiShan with gaze as he leaves, but not surprised. He goes to grab some liquors and places them on the table.

TiShan. «I have lasted even too much, for my standards. I didn't want a party and I ended up getting one, nonetheless», he says, while staring at the dark horizon.
Fake "Tea? It is strange, it hasn't such a strong flavour...but tastes. He/she is probably showing its personality and tastes already!" He lets out a chuckle, covering his mouth with an elegant move.

"Clearly a pressure XinLan and WuMei don't have, seen their results, but it is fine. They are not into study, not everyone can be." WuXin shuts his eyes at the thought, crossing his arms. "That's fine, it is just his character, I haven't to pressure him or I won't get anything good. For sure, not what I want.
Xiexie, it is a good choice to avoid wastes. You don't know what It's like to feed XinLan and WuMei!" He smirks, amused.
He doesn't hesitate to take a liquor, he chooses stuff with softer taste.

WonZi looks at the liquors. "Can I try some, appa?" He asks, since they seem stronger stuff than soju.

"Appreciate this kind of things. Even if the company is not all good and some discussions can be...well, dumb! It is much better than not having such occasions at all." LanJi pats his shoulder.
Memory «Ye, i think it's going to be quite a pepper! Poor us, if it's so stubborn even before being born!» And he is truly finding mysterious stuff around, like chilly peppers and tomatoes, once a panettone.
«But they are clever nonetheless! Sometimes people are all into study, but then they can't do anything in the field. They are the opposite, I think it's better that way.» XinLan would like any of those swots handling his chicken coop!
«We should have swapped one child each, to make balance!» He snickers, of course joking.
He ponders for some time at WonZi's question, being worried. «Maybe… just a little, just to try…» He is not drinking anything, due to pregnancy.

TiShan. «I have other things in mind, I can't focus on trivial conversations just for the sake of entertainment.» He keeps staring in the distance with a frown. «I never thought that the sea could be beautiful.» Well, it's probably the most wavy and stormiest sea ever, normal people would rather call it scary.
Fake They can't even imagine what they might be hiding on their secret hut. Jamie is truly kleptomaniac. "Better! I like people with personality!" Poor things still thinking about one child only.
"True, XinLan is so talented with plants and he is getting very good with cooking!"

"I know, really. XinLan is a true sweetheart and we have probably one of the best relationships, considering everything. WuMei is a less smug Qi that doesn't care about marks but only what might bring advantage to her.
Shi, from this point of view, it is much better. They are not puppets.
Can I take WonZi and you take WuMei? By Shii." WuXin jokes too, moving his hand on his own forehead like a drama queen. "Talking about this! How long will we still have to wait for you?" He looks at WonPil's belly. "Uncle wants to meet you so, so, so bad!"

"Xiexie! What should I go for?" He looks at the different bottles and smells.

"What are you thinking about? You seem distracted tonight...something is troubling you?" LanJi looks in the distance then at TiShan. He places his hand on his back, getting closer. "It looks pretty nice..."